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Montebello Exclusive

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Book on our webisre and enjoy FREE daily Buffet breakfast

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Staff were friendly and efficient. Good breakfast - Hotel restaurants for evening dining are often hit and miss - our experience that night was very positive

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Book on our official website the Montebello Exclusive rate and we will be glad to offer you a complimentary buffet breakfast each day of your stay.

This an exclusive benefit for direct reservations that can't be found on any other website. it's an additional value added to our special rates.



- If you find a lower available rate for the same period and room type on another website, we kindly ask you to contact us by phone or email, and we will match the lower rate with a further 10% discount*. Many online travel sites charge extra fees for online bookings. When you book directly with us, you always get the best available rate.


We offer the choice to pre-pay the whole resrvation of the full flexibility to pay at the end of your stay. Our cancellation policy is also much more flexible than what you can find on our websites. Please check carefully terms & conditions of the rate type during the online booking process.


- This is the official website of Montebello Splendid and all the reservations will have instant confirmation and you will be always updated with special promotions for loyal guests and personalized suggestions before your arrival.

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* The final rate you communicate must include taxes and service fee that some website may apply at the end of the procedure and the discrepancy must be greater than 10,00 € per night.

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