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Free Wi-Fi

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Exclusive to our guests free wi-fi, you can easily check your email

free_wifi-7a82e65b3990902c8e84b2157b9ef701.jpg 1-eae9c56ad6d383625847a0738e3ad848.jpg 2-6b235aa6b36f92323731c10ba8994622.jpg 3-ed5ee01a18f3284a83214693cbfc6552.jpg 4-050639e0ebad169e350b5c2b423bb0cb.jpg
5-b93bd50f83e19f41f1e964dc5f7e511a.jpg 6-8d17f134ed0a653e621c2cf2ac99c8a6.jpg 7-1854a330f130a01e1c9bc1edc1efbaff.jpg 8-081603eadc7817fad28b09e67f1746b0.jpg 9-a2a0889b6c0d84c52745809c3b8450af.jpg 10-9c8db82bac23474eb88d8c8c695d2707.jpg 11-176a8e2b058c38fb973d54b0ac8e99ed.jpg 12-09f88e7e2ea71dc37e4118f647a3442c.jpg 13-4b17342b11936520cd4aae1fc4e7129a.jpg

Our guest says:

"This hotel is a gem. It has a pleasant, park-like setting, beautiful spacious rooms, great staff, sparkling clean and new bathrooms and comfortable big beds."

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In rooms and common space

Travelling with your laptop?

What you need is just to login with your credentials of one of the most famous email provider or social network like

Gmail - Hotmail - Yahoo - Live


Facebook - Instagram - Linkedin - Twitter - Myspace - Flickr

Once you have logeed into your network you will have automatically access to unlimited internet connection on every device you need

Enjoy our Geoportal with useful information about Florence and it’s surroundings like restaurants, bars, shopping, museums, events, etc.

The high speed Wi-Fi is available in each room and in every common area of the hotel, including lounge, restaurant and Bar.

Internet kiosk is also available in our Lounge Free of Charge. 



Check availability and reserve online without deposit through our secure online reservations system. You can cancel your reservation at any time with no charge according to our cancellation policy (shown during reservation process).

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