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What can you eat in Florence? Genuine food: the "real deal" authentic dishes rich in ingredients grown in the Tuscan countryside. Meat cooked to order originates from animals raised in the Valdarno or the Mugello farms, while the olive groves that surround Florence provide an extra-virgin olive oil of unrivalled taste and quality world-wide. 

Tuscan cuisine is famous for traditional recipes such as "crostini di fegatini" (chicken-liver canapés), "affettati misti" (mixed cold cuts platters), delicious first courses such as "pappa al pomodoro" (a hearty tomato-bread soup), "ribollita" (the iconic "reboiled" soup), and the most widely known classic: "bistecca alla Fiorentina" (Florentine-style steak).

As Tuscany's capital, Florence truly embodies the richness of its gourmet food and wine heritage, which is also expressed through prized red wines such as Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino

At our restaurant Capriccio you can taste some of the Tuscan specialities revisited in a creative style and great desserts to finish your meal; everything served away from hustle and bustle tourist's spots. A 3 courses meal cost €38 per person

If you want to try something different, here are some reccomendations of what you can find in our neighbourhood or just few minutes by taxi from the hotel.

:: Harry's Bar
22 Lungarno Vespucci
Located on the Arno river, this restaurant is one of the most exclusive of Florence since many years frequented by upscale local people..
Appetizer from €16 - Pasta from €18 - Meat from € 25 – Dessert from €9 – Service included
Distance: 7 min. on foot

:: Il Profeta
93/r Via Borgognisanti
Simple restaurant with great food and service located 2 blocks away from the hotel. Meat and seafood served
Appetizer from €10 - Pasta from €12 - Meat from € 20 – Dessert from €8 – Service 10%
Distance: 2 min. on foot

:: La Carabaccia
190/r Via Palazzuolo
Casual and friendly restaurant located few steps from the hotel offers the traditional Tuscan specialties.
Appetizer from €9 - Pasta from €10 - Meat from € 20 – Dessert from €7 – Service included
Distance: 2 min. on foot

:: Cinghiale Bianco
43 Borgo San Jacopo
This Oltrarno establishment is characterized by a casual environment with simple and friendly service; It offers typical Tuscan specialties
Appetizer from €9 - Pasta from €11 - Meat from €18 – Dessert from €7 – Service Included
Distance: 12 min. on foot

:: Trattoria Vittoria
Via della Fonderia 40/r
An '80 design restaurant serving excellent a fresh seafood and pasta for a great dinner. Great care  is taken to ensure that all fish is really fresh and the menu is also offers less classical but more creative platters as well. Warm and friendly service, probably the best value for money seafood in town. Excellent wine selection with reasonable prices
Appetizer from €16 - Pasta from €16 - Fish from €25 – Dessert from €8 – Service included.
Distance: 6 min. on foot

:: La Giostra
Borgo Pinti
Excellent Tuscan and Italian cuisine, and a suggestive atmosphere make it a welcoming, informal place for a meal. Wide choice of meat and seafood
Appetizer from €14 - Pasta from €15 - Meat from €25 – Dessert from €8 – Service 10%
Distance: 5 min. by taxi

:: Ristorante Alle Murate
Palazzo dell'Arte dei Giudici e Notai – Via del Proconsolo
Situated between Piazza del Duomo and Piazza San Firenze, this restaurant is characterized by a refined, elegant atmosphere and excellent Italian fusion cuisine. Its frescoes are quite interesting. Among them is the first known portrait of Dante Alighieri.
Appetizer from €16 - Pasta from €18 – Meat/fish from €30 – Dessert from €10 – Service 10%
Distance: 5 min. on foot

::13 Gobbi
Via della Porcellana 9
Warm atmosphere a good food in this always very crowded restaurant serving Tuscan specialities.
Appetizer from €10 - Pasta from €12 - Meat from € 22 – Dessert from €8 – Service included
Distance: 4 min. on foot

:: Il Santo Bevitore
Via Santo Spirito 64/r
Candle-light restaurant with casual and informal atmosphere serving Italian specialities in a modern style. Good wine selection at reasonable prices.
Appetizer from €9 - Pasta from €12 - Meat from € 20 – Dessert from €8 – Service included
Distance: 10 min. on foot

:: Trattoria Io Personale
A new entry in town, this restaurant serve special tasting menu in a very creative way with special attention to presenatation. Interestin wine selection composed of small quality winery. Four courses starts from €40
Distance: 7 min on foot

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What can you eat in Florence? Genuine food: the "real deal" authentic dishes rich in ingredients grown in the Tuscan countryside...
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